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We are a congregation made up of people from Nether Heyford and surrounding villages in South-West Northamptonshire


We are a congregation made up of people from Nether Heyford and surrounding villages in South-West Northamptonshire.


We come together as christian believers to give God worship, prayer and praise and to study his word. We encourage each other as we do this while building up our faith in him.


We seek to share our faith and provide practical friendship and spiritual help to all who come along to the church.


In 1799, a small group of Heyford people first met together regularly for worship in a building belonging to Mr Richard Adams and before that time they attended Castle Hill Chapel in Northampton. Later it seems in 1805, when a Baptist Chapel opened at Bugbrooke the Heyford folks walked or rode on horseback to attend services there.

In 1826 however, in an era of industrial development in the village between the opening of the canal (1790's) and the construction of the railway (1830's) Baptists were able to establish a presence in Heyford and opened the Chapel here although the link with Bugbrooke remained and the Minister there had charge of both Chapels. By 1839 there were 76 adults in membership. There were also 24 children and therefore a Sunday school was started. The growth continued and when the Jubilee was celebrated in 1876 over 120 children assembled for a hot dinner in Bliss School. Games were organised for the children in Mr Adam's Orchard at the rear of the School and later an open air service was held on the Green.

In 1922 Mr Oliver Adams was instrumental in the building of the Schoolroom. The Cost was £838 whereas the Chapel in 1826 had cost £178. Partly with the benefit of a legacy from Mr A T Cosford, in 1962 the Heyford Chapel was able to consider a measure of rebuilding and, in calling a part time Minister, became independent. Serious Dry rot problems were found in 1984 in the Chapel which it seems were simultaneously affecting the Parish Church. This led to a number of united events in money raising activities.


Going forward. Currently in the absence of a Minister we are fortunate to have the services of a number of visiting speakers. We remember with gratitude those who had the faith and vision to build this Chapel and those hundreds of faithful men and women who have kept our doors open for all these years.


We have a lovely hall located next to the church which we call the school rooms which are available for hire, it holds up to 40 people with on-premises kitchen facilities. If you would like to know further information about our hall and how to hire, then please contact our booking secretary Rosemary Dunkley using the Contacts Page. 

Below are a few photographs of our school rooms.

To enquire about hiring the chapel school rooms, please click the button below to go to the contact us form selecting 'The Chapel School Rooms'.

Christian encouragement is:-


The product of grace in the individual, in the church and for the church. Words and ways expressed with love within positive relationships is not intended just to promote nice feelings – but to tensionally grow all that is good, to promote a more God-like character which humbles us to give thanks for God’s work of grace in our lives.

A privilege and a unique value of Christian fellowship because of how we are with each other will impact and influence what we do with the Christian message in our living and our loving. Always saying the right thing but not necessarily the nice and easy thing. To enable enrich and edify (build, instruct improve) another person’s life, their character or situation.  We have to face issues of importance when opinions, thoughts and outcome suggestions may be different to other people but with grace, we need to confidently and co-operatively embrace those different views and work with them. Not just with words, but with ways and gestures which outstrip the power of words alone. Not just about being nice and loving – because we say something nice about a person and expect a reciprocal complementary response.

More than a compliment or a pat on the back but a deliberate and intentional engagement with someone, an expression which helps them to aspire to be and to become a better person, a better Christian – even when life is tough

Not seeing everything good in someone all the time and in all they do and to refuse, deny or be unable to see the need for them to change. More than being polite and giving polite greetings.

It is a personal, directed personally to promote good and requires a loving motivation, an accurate discernment as to what is said and done to acknowledge or praise but also to instruct, correct, explain or reflect.

Is helping people to feel genuinely valued. Some of the most enabling encouragement I have received in my life is when older, wiser people have given me guidance, correction and a better path to follow. Was it always easy to accept it? - no not at all. But did it do me good?– often yes


It is not to Express resentment, bitterness, to put someone down or to express anger or grow fear. A backhanded compliment or sarcastic comment to endorse or sweeten an alternative message of wanting to discourage and put someone down Discouragement is a problem in the individual, in the church and for the church. 

The church has a distinct purpose to lead others to a real and life-changing faith in God and to build one another up in the faith and the lifeblood of the church lies in its worshipping people. Our relationship with God and relationships with one another are so important. It is about us being and growing together and our lives being changed into the likeness of Jesus.

The church does not need discouragers – there are plenty of people outside the church who will discourage those in the church and what they do. Our encouragement of each other and towards each other needs to be sincere, true and transparent that does not sweep problems under the carpet, but with rightful encouragement, enable us to grow in God and go out for God.

Our humanness can get in the way to spoil and separate but failure and forgiveness is central to the Christian message where resolution and restoration is possible for the church’s mission to be fulfilled.

At Nether Heyford Chapel we encourage and value each other. That is not to say that we get it right all the time. When we do get it wrong let’s work towards showing each other, through encouraging words and ways that say, “I want you to be a better person, a better Christian and here I am to help you.” We need God’s grace to do it well and to receive it well.


Thank you


Martin Buckby

Supporter to Nether Heyford Baptist Church

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